Manna International Inc, together with out suppliers, has a long and highly successful track record supplying fully traceable, Non-GMO soybeans (max. 0.l%) from Canada to Europe's leading soyfood companies since the late 1990's.

Being totally focused on fulfilling and even anticipating European marketplace needs, we became:

  • The first North American company to be Non-GMO certified by Cert ID
  • The first in the Northern Hemisphere to attain Proterra Certification
  • The first producer of its kind to be registered with iSYS.

We provide outstanding service and support, confidently and consistently meeting the highest standards demanded by the European soyfood sector. Several thousand tonnes of Proterra and Cert lD certified, iSYS registered soybeans are available today for delivery to Europe.

Supply and Testing

We originally shipped the soybeans by bulk vessel, which we still do for the feed sector. However most of our food sector customers prefer to receive beans by container. This significantly enhances the level of traceability, food safety, and quality assurance ...thereby substantially minimizing risks. 

We are confident our sampling and testing protocols are the best in class. All sampling is done by an independent surveyor.

Our protocols mean that, in practice, a sample is taken for each tonne loaded. From these samples, the Canadian Grain Commission provides a certificate to verify grade requirements are met. We also receive a Genetic ID PCR certificate to prove the shipment is compliant with the maximum of 0.1%. Collectively the testing and documentation ensures both definitions of grade and Non GMO status are received before the containers are loaded on the vessel for shipping. Once again minimizing/eliminating risk.

The Fundementals

  •  Most of the farmers involved have worked with us for more than 13 years. This base provides a very solid, well trained, experienced and committed foundation to our system and the supply chain as a whole.
  • Our supply base is therefore highly knowledgeable and experienced in what it takes to prevent contamination and to provide secure supplies of Non GMO soybeans to the European soyfood market. Our track record is a testimony to this.
  • We have our own seed company ensuring that the seed supply is controlled to three generations prior to the seed the farmers plant in order to assure optimal Non GMO seed purity. Furthermore our seed supply system is very closely monitored by the Canadian Government. Their standards guarantee 99.98% seed purity at the grandfather level, 99.96% at the father level, and the farmers use the son level at 99.95% seed purity.
  • The farmers only use certified (Government controlled) seed, available from us.
  • The farmers are not permitted to grow ANY GMO beans on their farms that produce Non GMO beans for us.
  • Regular meetings with the farmers ensure consistent focus and clear understanding of the European customer's needs.
  • The whole supply chain is very transparent and customers are encouraged to come and meet the elevator staff and the farmers who supply them with their soybeans.
  • Our traceability system tracks, cross references and integrates information from 21 different documents.